Live vid from INGENSTEDS

A new live clip is available on YouTube, filmed at the STRÖMNINGAR premiere in Oslo by David Aleksander Sjølie recorded and mixed the sound. Good looking footage - have a look/listen!

Great news!

We're very happy due to the fact that The Norwegian Arts Council thinks Mongrel & Rydéen is such a good idea that they want to support our tour. We couldn't be more grateful! Thanks!

Good times in Sweden

Sunday we arrived in Oslo after two great performances of STRÖMNINGAR in Nyhyttan and in Örebro, Sweden. A lot of good people, nice food and some Swedish folköl (not so good). You should just see the pictures for yourselves!

Great shots by Johan Lindvall. 

Two great reviews!

Great news keep coming in: we now have two great reviews, this time from Tor Hammerø! Can't wait to see what happens when the album is actually released... Read for yourself in the "Press" section...HERE

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