mongrel, or mutt, is a dog that is not the result of breeding and belongs to no breed

MONGREL stands out in the Norwegian jazz fauna with their edgy, unpolished sound. Their music celebrates both well contemplated melodies and unexpected ideas, presented in their own, quirky manner. Consisting of four active and versatile improvisers from as different bands as KAROKH, Dr Kay & His Interstellar Tone Scientists, Ayumi Tanaka Trio and Baker Hansen, Mongrel draw upon various traditions within jazz and improvisation, all the while focusing on intuitive interplay.

Current releases: Thick as Thieves (2016) and Taskenspill (2014), both on Losen Records 

trumpet:    Thomas Litleskare
piano:          Ayumi Tanaka
double bass:        Stian Andersen
drums:            Tore Flatjord